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Career Exploration

You can start a career in the construction industry by getting on-the-job training or a combination of college and on-the-job training.


The advantage of on-the-job training is that you are earning money right away while learning all types of construction skills. You can add to these skills by taking classes both online and in-person to supplement your education.



Many high schools in Northern Michigan offer construction trades learning programs that can include real building projects. Ask your school counselor what is available or visit:

Char-Em Intermediate School District

COLLEGE TO WORK: A college path will help you learn skills that are essential to a manager such as estimating, production oversight, employee management, and understanding the financial aspects of running a business. Wherever you are in your education, there’s a way for you to start training and securing the right credentials now.

AFTER HIGH SCHOOL TO WORK: Even if you have no skills in construction, there are builders in Northern Michigan who are willing to train people who show up for work, are willing to learn, take direction well, and have the right attitude. 

Contact us if you would like to meet with a builder in Northern Michigan to find out about job training and the types of jobs available. Email us at:

Career Exploration 


Construction Career Exploration

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