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Careers in the Residential Construction Industry in Northern Michigan

Working in residential construction in Northern Michigan can be a rewarding career path. The industry is stable and growing with new builds, remodeling, landscaping, shoreline restoration work and related projects underway. Drive around our area and you will see many homes under construction. Starting a career related to construction trades is a great way to stay (and play) in Northern Michigan, make a competitive wage and grow your skills for a lifetime.  Plus you don't need a college degree or college debt to start a career in construction! 

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Careers in Building Trades

and Related Industries

The construction trades industry includes various career paths for a long-term and great-paying career. 

Advantages to jobs in construction trades include:

  • Learn life skills. Someday you may own a home and this industry will provide hands-on skills for your future.

  • No college debt. While you may choose to go to college, many contractors in Northern Michigan are willing to train workers on the job. You can start making money on day one of your career. As you learn, you can work towards your Builders License with online classes, in-person classes and on-the-job training. 

  • Be your own boss someday. Often people who start in construction-related industries go on to own their own businesses. 

  • Learn a variety of skills. While some jobs such as design, are done in an office, most construction-related jobs are on a job site where your day is varied. Workers interact with each other and are challenged to learn new skills over time, from installing windows to putting up siding.  


Use this website to explore careers related to construction. The menu at the top of this page will help you navigate career choices.  


There are many ways to explore construction-related careers in Northern Michigan. We can help you connect to a contractor* in our area. Options for career exploration include:

  • Job shadowing. Get matched with a contractor and "job shadow" a professional for a day to learn about a career. (Available for ages 14-30)

  • Summer work. Get matched with a contractor for the summer to get on-the-job training where you get paid. Available for ages 16 and over. (Note that the State of Michigan has significant restrictions for anyone 16 to 17 working on a construction site. Age 18+ has no restrictions.) 

  • On-the-job training. Learn skills while working and getting paid. There are many contractors in Northern Michigan willing to train those with little or no construction skills. You will get hands-on opportunities while working on a job site. Skill development may include both in-person learning on the job and classes held in person or via the internet. Available for anyone age 18+.  

A contractor becomes s licensed builder by passing the Michigan 60-Hour License training. 

Additional Training Courses:

These courses are offered by Online CTI, headquartered in Traverse City. Related courses are available online.


*Contractors include companies in construction, landscaping, excavating, plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation (HVAC or Mechanical), painting, home or kitchen and bath design, building supply, and many other areas related to the home building industry. 

If you are currently in high school, please talk to your school counselor. If you are out of high school, please email us to discuss ways to learn more about jobs in the construction trades.  

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