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Becoming an Architect or Designer

Looking for a career that transforms your creative vision into physical reality? As an architect, kitchen and bath designer or home designer, you will work alongside builders and clients to create amazing living spaces. Along the way, you will be heavily involved in the building process by visiting the project to watch your creation come to life. 

More about a career as an Architect or Designer

High School:​

Some high schools offer basic design classes. Contact us to job shadow with a home designer, kitchen and bath designer or local architect. 



​​University of Michigan - Tubman school of architecture

Ferris State

Career Development

The State of Michigan: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs department has information on how to qualify for and receive licensing as an Architect in Michigan.


​Additional Training Courses

​These courses are offered by Online CTI, headquartered in Traverse City. Similar online classes are available from various providers. 


A Day in the Life of an Architect/Home Designer

  • Plan or design structures such as residences, office buildings, theatres, factories, or other structural properties in accordance with environmental, safety or other regulations

  • ​Prepare design specifications and plans to assist builders in getting estimates on building costs 

  • ​Monitor the work of specialists such as electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, interior designers or technology specialists to ensure optimal function

  • Ensure that all specifications meet building codes

House Plan Review
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