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A Career as a Roofer

Switching Roofs
Switching Roofs

What does a roofer do?

Roofers use a variety of materials to construct roofs on buildings. The materials used today include shingles, asphalt, wood, and aluminum. Roofers perform routine inspections and maintenance on a building’s roof and determine the best repair procedures.


Safety is paramount in roofing, so learning how to use safety gear is important including hard hats, fall prevention gear, the proper shoes, eye protection, and gloves. 


Black Roof

Career Development

Entry-level jobs in roofing take place on a job site under the direction of an experienced roofer. Companies that perform roofing must also have a licensed builder on staff who is often the owner. 


Luxury House
Roofing a House

A Day in the Life of a Roofer

  • Remove snow, water, or debris from roofs prior to applying roofing materials

  • ​Cut felt, shingles, or strips of flashing to fit angles formed by walls, vents, or intersecting roof surfaces

  • ​Cover roofs or exterior walls of structures with slate, asphalt, aluminum, wood, gravel, gypsum, or related materials, using brushes, knives, punches, hammers, or other tools

  • ​Install partially overlapping layers of material over roof insulation surfaces, using chalk lines, gauges on shingling hatchets, or lines on shingles

  • ​Inspect problem roofs to determine the best repair procedures

Contact us to find out more about an on-the-job training program in roofing. 

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